Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!7 min read

Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!


Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead! Jennifer O’Regan left Focus Ireland home ‘up a mountain’ to be closer to supports in Cork

A mother who has been sleeping in her car in Cork with her five children has defended her decision to give up a property in Co Clare, saying that while she was grateful for the offer it was completely unsuitable for her needs.

Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!

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Jennifer O’Regan has been sleeping in a parked car outside Kilcully cemetery in Cork with her five children who range in age from 15 to three.

Focus Ireland had housed her in a property in a remote area “up a mountain” in Corofin. However, she left the property and returned to her native Cork three months ago in the hope of securing accommodation there.

She has been presenting for emergency accommodation at a homeless persons unit, which is funded by Cork City Council and operates under the auspices of the Department of Social Protection.

This week, the family slept in the car for three nights. They have also been staying intermittently with parents and a sister who live in small houses on the northside of Cork city.

Ms O’Regan said she returned to Cork because the situation in Co Clare became untenable.

She previously stated she is “not looking for the keys of a house”. She is happy to take accommodation of any kind whether it be a hostel, a B&B or Edel House. Read the full story Click Here!

Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!

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“To be fair to Focus Ireland they secured me a beautiful private house. But it was completely isolated. It was up a mountain. The nearest shop was three miles away.

“I had no transport… I needed to get back to Cork where I have family. The children were miserable.”

Ms O’Regan lived in the UK for many years but fled to Ireland fifteen months ago to escape domestic violence.

She was made aware that there was a refuge in Ennis and she spent a year there. Focus Ireland then stepped in and offered her the property in Corofin.

Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!

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A council spokesperson said Ms O’Regan owed the local authority rent arrears from a previous tenancy, “which is just one of the reasons we are unable to qualify her for social housing at present.

“Local authorities do not write the legislation governing housing allocations, but will implement their terms fully and transparently, and we are doing that in this case also.”

However, Niall Horgan, southern regional manager of the housing agency Threshold, said Ms O’Regan had been subjected to “disgraceful” treatment.

“She has no partner and should never have been turned away when she looked for help. Even with the arrears. It is all bureaucracy.”

Mr Horgan said the phenomenon of parents sleeping in cars with their kids was becoming common. “People have to be near their family for school and things like that. Accommodation in Clare is not suitable for this situation.”

Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!

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In a statement, the Department of Social Protection said that data protection law precluded it from commenting on individual cases.

However, as a general remark, it said: “Many cases are complex and require the intervention of more than one agency to meet the needs of the applicant or family group.”

Mother Defends Moving Herself & 5 Kids Out Of ‘Isolated’ House To Sleep In A Car Instead!

Our Say On The Story:

What the fuck is this country coming to? Soon enough the most privileged people in this country will be those who are homeless. She was given a fucking house up the hill and she said it was unsuitable for her needs ?? What needs would that be we wonder?! She is not thinking of popping out any more litter is she? 

I am shocked to hear her say she had no transport to go to the shop but she is sleeping in a fucking car? What the fuck, is her car not classed as a transport?!

She clearly saw the crisis and how the homeless are getting millions of euros being spent on them out of taxpayers money in order to be housed. The second she saw that she jumped off  her boat in case she will be left in that house “up the hill” and be forgotten about.  

She lived in the UK more than year and a half ago, is it even worth mentioning? Whether it was domestic violence or mental abuse caused by her only god knows she shouldn’t be getting the benefit of the doubt just because she is a woman, come on this is 2017!!!

Let’s sell our houses, put all that money in some offshore accounts and let’s put up a tent outside the Dail for the government to house us all. 

Further shit can be found in here check out the brutally honest comments lads: This yoke sleeping in a car with her 5 kids WHAT THE FUCK!!

Do you have an opinion? Please feel free to let us know in comments….

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