File A Complaint

A "formal” complaint is defined as a complaint filed in written (or electronic) form and signed by the complainant. This complaint should outline the specific policy, procedure or standard in question and rationale for the complaint including specific examples.  Complainants must submit complaints through the form below following our guidelines.
An "anonymous comment/complaint” is defined as an unsigned comment/complaint submitted to the us.  Anonymous comments/complaints may be received at any time and will be added to our complaints file for evaluation during the program’s next scheduled accreditation site visit. 
 Our relevant team will be informed of the anonymous comment/complaint. They will however, have an opportunity to respond to the anonymous comment/complaint; the response will be considered during the site visit evaluation. Anonymous comments/complaints will be assessed to determine trends in compliance with our site standards, policies, and procedures. The assessment of findings related to the anonymous comments/complaint will be documented in the site visit report.
Houseish will consider only formal, complaints submitted through this page form below; unsigned complaints will be considered "anonymous complaints” and addressed as set forth above; complaints through other channels will not be considered.  

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